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What To Know About Proactol

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Proactol fat binder seems to have a multitude of reactions in the human body. It not only decreases hunger levels, but it also forces the body to lower cholesterol levels and the absorption rate of fat in the body.

When using Proactol, you will not only see your fat melt off, but you will also feel more energetic and active as a result. This just one of the POSITIVE side effects of consuming this supplement. If you want to know how to administer proactol and what to look out for at the same time, keep reading further.

The maximum recommended Proactol dosage should not be higher than nine tablets per day separated in equal after-meal intakes. The administration specificity depends on whether you are taking Proactol to burn fat or to prevent putting on weight. For the former case, two or three tablets at the end of the meal should be enough, you can increase the dosage only if you had a meal rich in fats.

If you are using Proactol just to stay at the current weight, then 2 should be sufficient, nothing MORE! You need to be aware of few general precautions before taking Proactol even though it has no side effects whatsoever. Even though Proactol is suitable for long term consumption, you should not make it a permanent part of your life.

Taking multivitamins is recommended while using this natural appetite suppressant but you should stay away from any oil soluble vitamins for at least 2 hours after using Proactol. Moreover, by the impact this supplement has on the glucose-blood levels, a certain discomfort may appear with diabetic patients. For such cases, the dosage of anti-diabetic medication may have to be adjusted.

Do not use Proactol on a regular basis if you suffer from a kidney health problem. Talk to a health care provider for advice or turn to another weight-loss solution. Patients that are administrating some anti-cholesterol drugs, need to be cautious with Proactol since the product has a similar effect and interferences may appear.

Even though Proactol tends to have a very high tolerance level from the body, there seems to be a cloud in trying to figure out if it is safe for people suffering from other health problems As usual, it’s recommended you seek consult a doctor before starting to use this supplement. Wish you the best of luck.

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