Understanding the Side Effects of Hoodia Gordonii

William Plower: Understanding the Side Effects of Hoodia Gordonii

Found in the Kalahari desert of South Africa, hoodia is very similar to a cactus. If you struggle with your weight, you may also struggle with controlling your appetite and exercising on a regular basis. Diet pills offer an easy solution, and hoodia is one of the most commonly used ingredient in these pills.Even if you don’t fancy taking pills or powders you can still take Hoodia suppliments in liquid form with Hoodia Prime.

Hoodia suppresses your appetite because it contains a chemical called P57. It’s more effective at suppressing appetites, because it is almost 10,000 times stronger than the chemicals produced by your body that tell you you’re full. It’s recommended that you take 50 – 200mg of hoodia each day.

P57 is contained in the heart of the hoodia plant. But, in order to get a cheaper final product, some companies will just dry and grind the entire plant instead of the more potent part. Do some research before you purchase a hoodia product. Look for the company’s certificate of authenticity, find out what parts of the plant are being used, and see if you can find user reviews online.

Side Effects Of Hoodia Gordonii

Phytopharm is the British pharmaceutical company licensed to develop the active ingredient that is found in hoodia. Till now, very few studies have been done, and hence all the Hoodia Gordonii plus side effects are not known. There may also be few side effects of hoodia gordonii that are either not reported or not released to the general public.

Currently, the long-term side effects of hoodia gordonii are largely unknown. It has been known to suppress thirst, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t become dehydrated. Most dieticians recommend at least 8 glasses of water each day, and as hoodia suppresses the thirst, it can lead to the dehydration.

Because hoodia suppresses your appetite, you may not feel hungry enough to get your daily nutritional requirements. If deprived for long time, these deficiencies can have some serious adverse effect on the physical and emotional well-being of a person. This is a very serious side effect of hoodia gordonii. It is therefore important to take a well-balanced diet, and consult the weight loss professional or doctor before starting any diet program that uses appetite suppressants.

Though the side effects of hoodia gordonii are unknown, pregnant women or nursing mothers must never take Hoodia pills even if they contain pure hoodia gordonii.

To avoid any side effects of hoodia gordonii, it is imperative to use the hoodia products along with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. Don’t rely on hoodia products completely for the weight loss as it may cause some serious physical and psychological damage.

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