Weekend Fun Read: Misspelling-how far they can go? An example of “hypnosis weight loss”

Jeff Sanford: Weekend Fun Read: Misspelling-how far they can go? An example of “hypnosis weight loss”

Just came across some web sites and I am astonished to find that the misspelling is so wide spread. Take an example for “hypnosis weight loss“:

Skipped letters

Ypnosis-weight-loss, Hpnosis-weight-loss, Hynosis-weight-loss, Hyposis-weight-loss, Hypnsis-weight-loss, Hypnois-weight-loss, Hypnoss-weight-loss, Hypnosi-weight-loss, Hypnosisweight-loss, Hypnosis-eight-loss, Hypnosis-wight-loss, Hypnosis-weght-loss, Hypnosis-weiht-loss, Hypnosis-weigt-loss, Hypnosis-weigh-loss, Hypnosis-weightloss, Hypnosis-weight-oss, Hypnosis-weight-lss, Hypnosis-weight-los, Hypnosis-weight-los, and maybe more.

Reverse Letters

Yhpnosis-weight-loss, Hpynosis-weight-loss, Hynposis-weight-loss, Hyponsis-weight-loss, Hypnsois-weight-loss, Hypnoiss-weight-loss, Hypnossi-weight-loss, Hypnosi-sweight-loss, Hypnosisw-eight-loss, Hypnosis-ewight-loss, Hypnosis-wieght-loss, Hypnosis-wegiht-loss, Hypnosis-weihgt-loss, Hypnosis-weigth-loss, Hypnosis-weigh-tloss, Hypnosis-weightl-oss, Hypnosis-weight-olss, Hypnosis-weight-lsos, Hypnosis-weight-los, or did we miss anything?

Double Letters

Hhypnosis-weight-loss, Hyypnosis-weight-loss, Hyppnosis-weight-loss, Hypnnosis-weight-loss, Hypnoosis-weight-loss, Hypnossis-weight-loss, Hypnosiis-weight-loss, Hypnosiss-weight-loss, Hypnosis–weight-loss, Hypnosis-wweight-loss, Hypnosis-weeight-loss, Hypnosis-weiight-loss, Hypnosis-weigght-loss, Hypnosis-weighht-loss, Hypnosis-weightt-loss, Hypnosis-weight–loss, Hypnosis-weight-lloss, Hypnosis-weight-looss, Hypnosis-weight-losss, Hypnosis-weight-losss, and how about triple letters?

Common Wrong Letters

Gypnosis-weight-loss, Jypnosis-weight-loss, Htpnosis-weight-loss, Hupnosis-weight-loss, Hyonosis-weight-loss, Hypbosis-weight-loss, Hypmosis-weight-loss, Hypnisis-weight-loss, Hypnpsis-weight-loss, Hypnoais-weight-loss, Hypnodis-weight-loss, Hypnosus-weight-loss, Hypnosos-weight-loss, Hypnosia-weight-loss, Hypnosid-weight-loss, Hypnosis-qeight-loss, Hypnosis-eeight-loss, Hypnosis-wwight-loss, Hypnosis-wright-loss, Hypnosis-weught-loss, Hypnosis-weoght-loss, Hypnosis-weifht-loss, Hypnosis-weihht-loss, Hypnosis-weiggt-loss, Hypnosis-weigjt-loss, Hypnosis-weighr-loss, Hypnosis-weighy-loss, Hypnosis-weight-koss, Hypnosis-weight-liss, Hypnosis-weight-lpss, Hypnosis-weight-loas, Hypnosis-weight-lods, Hypnosis-weight-losa, Hypnosis-weight-losd, and much more, and you may still be able to continue and add more. (Source: http://misspelt.org, hypnosis-weight-loss)

Wow, almost anything is possible with the spelling in the internet using search engines, you see. Is this just a creative activity, or a sign of a lack of education?

Really sad to see that there are so many web pages having so many spelling issues…

Once I read an articles claiming that spelling is not important. They said that the article below demonstrates that the brain can easily decode and understand the message of the text without reading each letter in a word. Why? Because our brain is wired to search for and comprehend the meaning of what is read rather than being concerned with each letter placement of a word. So for speed readers, it’s true, fixating on every letter while reading only serves to dramatically slow down ones reading. The incorrect article is:

Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Or rather…

According to a researcher (sic) at Cambridge University, it doesn’t matter in what order the letters in a word are, the only important thing is that the first and last letter be at the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it without problem. This is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself but the word as a whole.
(Taken from http://www.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/~mattd/Cmabrigde/, which is not necessarily the source of the information; this is widespread on the Internet)

However, I can not agree with that. Spellling is still important. It shows if you are well educated and caring for others. I can not stand bad spelling, or all capitals. They just seem rude to me.

The rule of thumb is, forgive someone’s articles if not spelled correctly as fortunately, you don’t need to know the exact letter placement of each element of a word to understand it - this is the foundation for speed reading. But be more strict to yourself: spell your words correctly when writing an article, like for “hypnosis weight loss“, I’d like you, for the benefit of your readers, to write each word, letter by letter, correctly.

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4 Responses to “Weekend Fun Read: Misspelling-how far they can go? An example of “hypnosis weight loss””

  1. Site Admin Says:

    If you do a search for “Hypnosis Weight Loss” in the same web site, you’ll get those possible misspelt phrases:

    Skipped letters

    Ypnosis Weight Loss, Hpnosis Weight Loss, Hynosis Weight Loss, Hyposis Weight Loss, Hypnsis Weight Loss, Hypnois Weight Loss, Hypnoss Weight Loss, Hypnosi Weight Loss, Hypnosis Eight Loss, Hypnosis Wight Loss, Hypnosis Weght Loss, Hypnosis Weiht Loss, Hypnosis Weigt Loss, Hypnosis Weigh Loss, Hypnosis Weight Oss, Hypnosis Weight Lss, Hypnosis Weight Los, Hypnosis Weight Los, and maybe more.
    Reverse Letters

    Yhpnosis Weight Loss, Hpynosis Weight Loss, Hynposis Weight Loss, Hyponsis Weight Loss, Hypnsois Weight Loss, Hypnoiss Weight Loss, Hypnossi Weight Loss, Hypnosi Sweight Loss, Hypnosis Ewight Loss, Hypnosis Wieght Loss, Hypnosis Wegiht Loss, Hypnosis Weihgt Loss, Hypnosis Weigth Loss, Hypnosis Weigh Tloss, Hypnosis Weight Olss, Hypnosis Weight Lsos, Hypnosis Weight Los, or did we miss anything?
    Double Letters

    Hhypnosis Weight Loss, Hyypnosis Weight Loss, Hyppnosis Weight Loss, Hypnnosis Weight Loss, Hypnoosis Weight Loss, Hypnossis Weight Loss, Hypnosiis Weight Loss, Hypnosiss Weight Loss, Hypnosis Wweight Loss, Hypnosis Weeight Loss, Hypnosis Weiight Loss, Hypnosis Weigght Loss, Hypnosis Weighht Loss, Hypnosis Weightt Loss, Hypnosis Weight Lloss, Hypnosis Weight Looss, Hypnosis Weight Losss, Hypnosis Weight Losss, and how about triple letters?
    Common Wrong Letters

    Gypnosis Weight Loss, Jypnosis Weight Loss, Htpnosis Weight Loss, Hupnosis Weight Loss, Hyonosis Weight Loss, Hypbosis Weight Loss, Hypmosis Weight Loss, Hypnisis Weight Loss, Hypnpsis Weight Loss, Hypnoais Weight Loss, Hypnodis Weight Loss, Hypnosus Weight Loss, Hypnosos Weight Loss, Hypnosia Weight Loss, Hypnosid Weight Loss, Hypnosis Qeight Loss, Hypnosis Eeight Loss, Hypnosis Wwight Loss, Hypnosis Wright Loss, Hypnosis Weught Loss, Hypnosis Weoght Loss, Hypnosis Weifht Loss, Hypnosis Weihht Loss, Hypnosis Weiggt Loss, Hypnosis Weigjt Loss, Hypnosis Weighr Loss, Hypnosis Weighy Loss, Hypnosis Weight Koss, Hypnosis Weight Liss, Hypnosis Weight Lpss, Hypnosis Weight Loas, Hypnosis Weight Lods, Hypnosis Weight Losa, Hypnosis Weight Losd, and maybe you can add more.

    That’s horrifying to see what mistakes we human beings can make!

  2. Leslie Says:

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