What You Should Know About The Most Popular Weight Loss Programs

William Plower: What You Should Know About The Most Popular Weight Loss Programs

If you’re about to set off in the great weight loss adventure, it is only natural that you choose a routine that suits you. Since the sheer numbers of alternatives out there are huge, how can you really know what each is all about and which one is the most appropriate for your situation? To make matters even worse, celebrities promote different diets, increasing confusion and making it tougher for you to make a selection. But what is the best one for you? Let’s impartially review a few options now.

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Weight Watchers is possibly one of the most fashionable weight loss program and has had its claims and track records proven by several clinical studies in that not only does it help you lose weight, it helps you keep it off for the long term. You can burn approximately two lbs a week when you adhere to their guidelines.

Weight Watchers uses a healthy eating habit through calorie control “point” system meals as opposed to any fad or extreme diet. There’s a number that labels any food representing how many points were assigned to it, based on which one can plan their daily consumption. It’s a simple process of adding up all the points for each day. Since the countless options on offer make you feel as if you weren’t even on a diet, you will find it easy to pursue this program.

There is a joining fee that is around $USD20 and an ongoing weekly membership of $USD9. You will meet them weekly for a weigh-in and have the opportunity to get inspiration and discuss how you are doing. They will also discuss with you methods of how to cut down on foods or switching to healthier options.

For your convenience they also released an impressive number of meal options in stores, but they’re only optional. The point system enables you to prepare and limit your food intake.

When attempting to reduce the extra pounds, Weight Watchers can help with their practical, user-friendly approach. It might be a valuable resource.


Slim-fast is a program where most of the food is prepared for you. You can anticipate rapid weight loss by following their plan involving bars, shakes, soups and other snacks. These are intended to cover your nutritional needs for two meals per day. The third, which is your responsibility, should be equally healthy! It’s especially a good program for people who lead hectic lifestyles especially if you have no time and typically turn to junk food for that quick meal.

With this diet you will spend approximately $USD40 weekly for the meals, and you can expect to lose three pounds in this time frame. However, you need to pay attention when you go off it, because it is possible to start gaining weight  again!

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Thanks to mega stars like Kirstie Allie and Queen Latifah pushing this program, the Jenny Craig program has recruited a vast number of people and its attractiveness continues to grow. The offering includes a customized meal plan, workout recommendations and a consultant who will guide you on your weight loss journey.

Your consultant will chat either in person or via the phone when you start the program, along with giving you direction and advice about your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Based on your input during that meeting, the nutrition and workout plan will be drawn so as to assist you achieve your goals.

This doesn’t come cheap however, as you will have to pay $USD200-350 as enrollment cost and the meals they provide for which you need to pay up to $USD90 a week. Fruit and vegetables only can be consumed in addition to the prescribed meal plan. The other disadvantage is, as you are reliant on Jenny’s food,  you don’t get the experience of how to prepare your own healthy meals so once you finish with the program, there is a good chance of putting the weight right back on again.

Thousands of people found this routine to be very effective and so will you if you can afford it, all the more if no cooking for a while sounds appealing! Although the generic promised weight loss ranges between one and two pounds weekly, it’s up to each person to establish their goals based on their weight, workout routines undertaken, motivation, etc.

This is it. You’ve got basic information about three of the best alternatives in terms of weight loss routines on the market as of now. You should make further enquiries and choose what you deem appropriate and cost-effective.

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