Gain Confidence By Losing Weight Through Regular Exercise

William Plower: Gain Confidence By Losing Weight Through Regular Exercise

A lot of the population are becoming obese or overweight. These conditions do not only make their health at risk, these also lower their self-esteem. The movies or advertisements that we see on television or hear on the radio portray lean and skinny people to be more acceptable. In this case, obese or overweight people, especially teens, might find it hard to mingle with others. If you are interested in losing weight and gaining confidence, a proper diet and exercise is the way to go. Here are som common questions that teenagers ask when it comes to regular exercise.

Why should I exercise? Teenagers, in their juvenile thinking, will opt to do cooler stuff rather than to sweat out in the gym. Since there’s lots of distraction in their way, one thing to build up is focus. Instead of doing nothing, why don’t you spend time at the gym or at your home? If you have proper home fitness equipment, try to use it to lose weight. If you can focus on more important things at a young age then you will develop good decision making skills later on in life.

Why will it really enhance my self-esteem? The weight loss part is really not a vague matter, but the part where your self-esteem gets a boost isn’t. Let’s face the facts, society depicts what is acceptable nowadays. It makes it harder to look for a girlfriend or boyfriend if you are overweight or obese. Those who are physically fit have a good way with the opposite sex. Having a healthy body also allows one to wear the clothes that are nicer to look at. In return, getting positively regarded improves that person’s self esteem.

Why now? Are you planning to exercise later when you reach adulthood? The reason why exercise is encouraged to be started at an early age is because when we reach the late twenties, our bodies already have slower metabolism. It is easier to burn fats and calories when your body’s metabolic process is at its optimum functionality. As you become older, it is harder to get rid of the body’s stored fats. Getting a head start on exercise will make it easier for a person to lose weight.

Teenage also means being pounded with lots of peer pressure. It would be harder to combat that if your self esteem is low. A good self esteem is vital so that you could establish effective relationships with other people. If you are overweight or obese, you should probably start exercising now. It would not only boost your self-esteem, it can also help you live a healthier life in the future.

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