How Will Gastric Sleeve Surgery Affect My Diet?

William Plower: How Will Gastric Sleeve Surgery Affect My Diet?

A Gastric sleeve surgery is one way for obese people to lose considerable weight quickly and easily. The surgery entails removing a part of the stomach so that less food intake will be possible. Thus, the patient will feel that he or she has had enough, in spite of the reduced food intake. It also helps to reduce the triggers for food cravings because of the expected hormonal changes that will happen after the surgery. Of course, strict diet is enforced for post-surgery patients, and the doctor will be on hand to provide guidance. Nonetheless, here is a list of some changes that will be expected of you.

Right After Surgery

After a gastric sleeve procedure, you will be required to make some immediate dietary changes. This will initially consist of a diet of fluids, including low-sugar liquids, sugar-free gelatin, water or tea.

Week One

On your first week, the liquid diet continues. Your stomach will not be able to handle solid food. You may not even want to eat solids because of the discomfort of the surgery. A from reducing the size of your stomach, this surgery also staples the stomach and could result in some pain. Eating solids before the stomach heals can damage the staples. Thus, your first week’s diet will consist mainly of sugar free, water-based desserts and food, low-fat yogurt, and fruit drinks.

From The Second to Fourth Weeks

After the first week from your gastric sleeve surgery, you can start eating food such as chicken, but keep in mind that it is still important that your food must be mashed and eaten at a slow pace. If you do not do this, an obstruction at the entrance to the stomach may happen. During this time, it is still advisable to stay away from fruit drinks from concentrate and processed sugars.

Month 1-3

Your first three months after your gastric sleeve surgery shifts to solid food, although it has to be the kind that is still soft. You should get a list of menu items from your doctor or your nutritionist. Don’t be surprised if it is detailed and long. This is to give you more options. You will also be instructed to start with diet food items like fat-free cottage cheese and low sugar content vegetables. Again, be careful to eat slowly and space your meals properly.

Month Four to Six

You should be on your way to a normal, complete diet at around four months after your weight loss surgery. You will still be required to avoid carbohydrate-rich foods, but you can start eating fruits, vegetable, eggs and lean meat during this time after your gastric sleeve surgery.

A potential patient must be completely prepared to adhere to the strict diet that comes with a weight loss surgery. To minimize the risk of complications and to increase the possibility of long-term positive gastric sleeve surgery results are the main goals of this diet. Although there are so many drastic changes that you must make in your diet, there are many more rewards that you can enjoy when you adhere to the recommended diet.

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