Holiday Diet Tips

William Plower: Holiday Diet Tips

Does it seem unbelievable you can lose weight during the holiday season? Not only can you lose pounds in the holidays; you can actually enjoy yourself and indulge a little bit too!

Below are 4 holiday diet tips which will help you to keep your weight under control:

Holiday Diet Tip 1 - Drink Water

You are most likely done with hearing this, but the fact remains that drinking lots of water is one of the best techniques to shed some weight and keep it off. Being absolutely hydrated not only helps you avoid the bloat caused by water retention, it helps boost your metabolism so your liver and other organs can function properly. As a consequence, you burn fat and shed pounds faster.

Holiday Diet Tip 2 - Eat Your Greens

Eating lots of green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and lettuce is a good way to raise your metabolism, improve your health and shed weight fast. Green vegetables are loaded with fiber, nutrients and antioxidants that help you burn fat. The more greens you eat, the better you can feel and the less complicated it’ll be for you to lose weight. Other colored veggies are also good; especially red, yellow and orange vegetables like peppers, sweet potatoes and yams, tomatoes, and squash.

Holiday Diet Tip 3 - Keep Active

If your one exercising is walking back and forth to the dessert table at holiday parties, you’ll be more likely to gain weight. Find ways to keep active each day and you will notice that it gives you a touch more wiggle room for enjoying occasional modest indulgences. Squeeze in a quick workout before work every day; or take a fast walk around your neighborhood to take a look at the holiday lights; or take the stairs while shopping in the mall. Staying active helps increase your metabolism so you burn off more calories and lose more weight.

Holiday Diet Tip 4 - Choose Only One

The problem with holiday parties is that there is not a single fattening food available, but dozens. Obviously, if you eat all of them you’ll regret it. As an alternative make a guarantee to oneself that at each holiday gathering you will select ONE treat that you are going to enjoy, and you will eat healthy foods the rest of the time. So you would fill up a plate with raw vegetables and dip, or a festive salad, and then enjoy a single high calorie treat, like a slice of pie or cheesecake. This takes willpower, but keep reminding yourself that there’ll be plenty of other parties where you can enjoy yourself again.

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