The Glycemic Index Weight Loss System

William Plower: The Glycemic Index Weight Loss System

There is confusion to what the Glycemic index is

 If you have experienced tiredness then this is usually due to reduction in your sugar level in your system. This experience is quite common but most people are unaware of the route of the problem

 Our immune system performance is based on a steady supply of blood sugar. In the Glycemic Index you have the advantage of selecting the foods that will little by little feed glucose into your bloodstream this make you feel less tired.

 When you use the glycemic index it can assist you to grade the food you eat and the effect it can have on your blood glucose level.

Diets that have a high content of fat or protein don’t usually help with regard to increasing your blood sugar level.

 The way that the Glycemic system works various foods has a number which is between one and a hundred the highest point means that that is pure sugar or glucose and one being the lowest level of glucose.

 For example a cream cracker of a dry biscuit has score of 81 on the glycemic index which is a high level where as a fruit mixture would score around 55 which is considered moderate and a broccoli is a low coming out at 15.

When the food is processed gradually it takes longer for the insulin to be released into the system this will have a better effect on your body and you will enjoy better health and in turn have more energy.

By eating foods that are low in the glycemic index. You will have more control of your eating habits by raising your sugar level slowly you wont feel so hungry.

The quality of carbohydrates that you choose is an important factor when following the glycemic index. The amount of carbohydrates is not that important. In order to have more control regarding blood sugar level you need to use the glycemic Index to make nutritious food.

According to research in the nineteen eighties it was thought that the human body was able to digest sugar effortlessly and in turn the would lead to an acceleration of blood sugar levels but now we have discovered that is not the case. In fact recent reports by scientists it is the opposite. Latest reports have found that complex carbohydrates are more likely to higher blood sugar levels. Keeping a careful eye on the amount of sugar you consume is important.

If you exercise on a regular basis and have high fiber diet then a few saturated fats should not be effective and  will keep you in shape if you stick to the  glycemic index.

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