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Current Omron hj 112 pedometer reading: 3355 steps

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Had a donut this morning - just cannot resist it in the office kitchen area.

Took a morning walk. The weather is great with wind. But sweat a bit after the walk.

Current Omron hj 112 pedometer reading: 3355 steps.

Recent Omron hj 112 pedometer readings: how many steps I walked in the last 4 days?

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

One of the main reasons I bought my Omron hj 112 pedometer is its capability to remember a week’s data in it. With this affordable price I am pretty happy with this feature.

Sometimes I am just too busy, sometimes I just get lazy, but I wanted to keep a record of all the steps I walked. This feature of omron hj 112 pedometer is just doing that for you for an entire week, or 7 days.

Here are the readings from my omron hj 112 pedometer for the last 4 days:

7/4 10986

7/5 10098

7/6 12055

7/7 10224 steps (as of now)

Today and yesterday are both overcast, but today it is humid so it feels really hot outside while walking. While I was back walking in my subdivision, it is kind of cool outside around 8:00pm.

I walked about 6,500 steps at work. Amazing.

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My Omron hj 112 pedometer shows that I walked 10,368 steps on 7/3

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Now my omron hj 112 pedometer shows that I walked 10,368 steps. Or, literally I walked 7174 steps, and then I walked 3194 steps after 12:00 am. Trust me I made sure I reset my Omron hj 112 pedometer and on 7/4 my number of steps start from 0.

Shame on me I had buffet on 7/3 at a restaurant called Grand Buffet off Jimmy Carter Blvd.

After that fireworks at downtown Norcross’s Lillian Webb Community Park are fantastic. At least MM did not cry while she is watching the fireworks this time, unlike last year in fairgrounds.

I realized that my Omron hj 112 pedometer can record 7-days data in memory automatically so I may start updating my daily walks about once a week.

Tomorrow we’ll go tubing in a local Chatterhoochee river area.