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Simply How Much Can I Weigh?

Monday, June 13th, 2011

We have different unique body structure which makes the answer for the question just how much must I weigh differs for everyone. There are different tools used to measure ones’ ideal weight. Now, it depends on you which among them you are comfortable using then. The important thing is the fact that you care to know the ideal weight. It just shows how you love yourself that you want to make sure you will have the weight in range of the normal ones. 

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We can appreciate this gesture because not really everybody bother to ask for it and simply go on with their poor diet plan. You will find several factors which affects our goal to obtain an answer on the question just how much must I weigh. The usual basis of any measuring methods normally based the idea in age, gender, and bone density. Among these tools, Body Mass Index (BMI) is widely used and trusted by most dietitians until today. The height and weight relationship is what BMI consider to get the ideal weight of your individual. 

The BMI formula is generally the actual weight in kilograms divided by the square associated with someone’s height in meters. At this point, do not be bothered when you get 18.5 to 25 BMI. You have your weight in range. The relationship between the waist circumference and hip circumference of an individual is what another measuring tool called Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR)measures. WHR value is obtained by simply getting the circumference from the waist above the belly button and divide it with widest circumference from the hip.

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The ideal weight range for men and women differs as men needs to have .9 WHR to become safe while women have to have a .8 WHR. It is now easier to keep track of our desired weight because of the beneficial guide that these kinds of measuring equipment provide.

Knowing how to become one of the health conscious individuals is good for us not to be bothered answering questions like how much can I weigh for we know the points to consider to keep our weight in a normal range. In any case that we cannot help ourselves to pig out during parties or any occasions then at least we know how to get back on track. The procedure will be easier for us because we have done it.

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What’s The Right Weight For Me?

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Ever asked yourself “How much should I weigh”? You might be feeling a bit panicky because a person the same age as you is noticeably thinner. As a result, you’re starting to wonder if it’s you who’s overweight or she’s just underweight. Don’t panic. It’s not just your age that’s used as a basis for weight. It actually depends on various factors like height, body fat mass, lean muscle mass and body frame. Hence, regardless of you having similar age and height with a person, weight doesn’t have to be identical too. Still, for those who want an exact number, then you should try consulting a body mass index.

Do you know what a Body Mass Index is?

Also known as BMI, is a method used to arrive at body at percentage. The person’s height and weight are the top two factors for this calculation. Various websites are actually equipped with the capacity to calculate a person’s BMI. You can easily get the result in seconds but just filling in the necessary blanks.

Underweight people are shown to have 18.5 or lower BMI. Average ranges are around 18.5 to 29.9 while anything higher than that is overweight.

Other Alternatives

When it comes to proper weight, the National Institutes of Health have develop other methods. It’s simplicity eliminates the use of other factors, thus making it inaccurate compared to others. It states that men at five feet should weigh 106 pounds plus 6 more pounds for every inch above five feet. When it comes to girls, 100 pounds for the first five feet and 5 more for each inch added.

What’s next?

So, after answering the all important question of “How much should my ideal weight be?” what would happen next? That would actually depend on the results that you get. If you find out that you are overweight, then learn ways to lose weight. Your goal would be to get a firmer and leaner body if you are already in the normal weight bracket. Either way, you’re going to have to learn different ways to burn calories.

There are various ways you can do this. Physical activity is by far the best option. Exercises partnered with a good diet are sure to take effect when done over a long period of time. Other methods you might have heard of concern pills and carefully choosing what to eat. There are various pills and medicines today that promise to burn off fat. However, be very carefully if you are thinking about choosing this strategy. Some pills present risks not only to your budget but also to your health. Also, you might want to research some food types that facilitate calorie burning and incorporate them in your diet.

Try to remember that you should never sacrifice your health by dieting below the normal weight range. Stay fit but healthy.